A little story about my favourite animal…

More hedgehogs need special care


Lots of tiny hedgehogs have been taken in by rescue centres this winter – and it’s feared the weird weather we’ve had is to blame. Several wildlife centres have reported having more than double the number of the creatures than in previous years.

It seems there is an especially big problem with baby hedgehogs – known as hoglets.

Many of didn’t have time to fatten up before hibernating, so they’ve had to be taken in for special care.

A spokesman for animal charity the RSPCA said: “The warmer weather in September and October may have resulted in more autumn litters, with the cold snap in November meaning that those youngsters are not big enough to hibernate and are struggling.”


The RSPCA says that hedgehogs like eating minced meat, scrambled eggs and fresh water.

To help hedgehogs hibernate, home-owners are asked to collect leaves and sticks in their gardens for nesting.

5 thoughts on “A little story about my favourite animal…

  1. I looooooove hedgehogs they are really cute! i have held one before it had a broken leg!hehehehehehehehe! cya Millie (Silly Millie) xxxx

  2. Hi Miss Leaman!

    That is sooooooooooooooooooooooo sad to hear isn’t it?! You wouldn’t even think that even the tiniest or biggest of hedgehogs are on the endangered list! I absaloutly care for animals, wildlife and nature so it has been one of the saddest things i’ve herd so far!!!

    Rebecca M, year 7

  3. We had a hedgehod in our shed,that we left food out for,it was cute but prickley lol

  4. Hi Miss Leaman! (and guys+girls)

    Does anyone want to know the rarest animal in the world? Do you really? HONEST?!!

    OK! It’s the………………………………………………..


    The liga is a wild cat crossed between a lion and a tiger. It is tan-ish colour, it has faded stripes and a tiny mane around its neck! It’s the biggest cat in the world!


    Rebecca,year 7, high school xxxxx

  5. miss leaman hedghogs were my faverite animal to.now i feel realy sorry for them. 😦

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