Wow you have been busy!

Loads of comments were awaiting moderation today!

I have finished my second Christmas Fair.  Unfortunately I do not think that we managed to raise much money for Rowcroft – it was so wet and windy that not many people came to spend their money.  Never mind.  Hopefully tomorrow’s Light Up a Life Service will be a good fundraiser for them..

11 thoughts on “Wow you have been busy!

  1. Hi Miss Leaman!

    That’s a shame! I thought you were ‘gonna’ raise a lot of money! But anyway, how much did you raise?! Because I bet you still raised quite a bit anyway!

    Rebecca, year 7, st. Cuthbert Mayne…

    P.S. I had a disco last night, and they didn’t have any games but they did have loads of sweets, glowsticks, songs and dances! But…, we also got to choose our own song and the ones we had were:
    Leona Lewis. Bleeding Love
    Rihanna. Shut up and drive
    Leo meed. Joseph and technecolour dream coat
    shayne ward. that’s my goal
    some x-mas songs
    and happy birthday for one of my friends that was 13 on 7/12/07 etc…


  2. I didn’t think it was that busy either normally the christmas Fair is very busy,mum spemt over £20.00 so that will help out a little.
    I am looking forward to the Light Up a Life service in an hour or so I hope they like our singing,and I hope the raise alot of money too.

  3. What did everyone think of the x-factor last night?I thought Nicki should of got through to the final.Who do you think will win this years X-Factor?
    Its the Royal Variety Performance tonight I am looking forward to watching that at 8pm

  4. hello miss leaman
    it is 2weeks and 2 days ago that jayden was born. cant wait till xmas getting nintendo ds lite in pink.
    from steph

  5. Hi Happbrad!!!

    Hope you read this message!!!
    Rhydian should win and who’s your fav. singer/band because mine is the LEONA LEWIS!!!(THE BEST!!!) 🙂 😉

  6. Dear Happybrad!!!

    That letter was from rebecca M,year 7, at st. cuthbert mayne school xx


    Have a jolly and peaceful christmas! 😉

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