Important dates for the rest of term…

Thursday 13th December – Upper School Christmas Play for parents – 2pm & 7pm.

Friday 14th December – Christmas Play for Mayfield, Rotary, Friends of Rowcroft, Governors Lower School – 9.30am.

Monday 17th December – Carol singing at Marks & Spencers (1.30pm – 2.30pm)

Tuesday 18th December – Carol singing at Hatt House, St. Marychurch (am)

Tuesday 18th December – Upper School Christmas Party (pm)

Wednesday 19th December – Last day of term/Mrs Leeson, Mrs Martin & Mrs Federick leave.

Thursday 20th December – First day of the holidays.

5 thoughts on “Important dates for the rest of term…

  1. Dont forget to remind everyone who has a packed lunch to bring it in a carrier bag on Mon 17 as we are singing down the Willows.


  2. Hi Miss Leaman!

    Have you herd about my friend Sarah H (EDITED – please do not leave full names)? And has she sent you a comment somewhere?

    She’s the best friend someone could ever have!
    I can not believe it! Mrs Leeson is leaving this term! (BOO HOO!) Is there gonna be another teacher taking her place! Is Mrs Davis coming back to replace Mrs Federick? Finally, did you get a christmas card from me?


    Rebecca M, year 7, st. cuthbert mayne

    P.S. It is excactly 2 weeks untill christmas (14 days)


  3. Hi Miss Leaman!

    No need to thank me!
    YEAH! Mrs Davis IS coming back!
    OK! I just wanted to know!

    By the way… I’m coming to see Samantha’s christmas play tomorrow night! (the evening one)

    Yesterday, there was a christmas carol service(for guides, brownies and rainbows) last night. I did a reading for away in a manger, three of my guid friends had the job of carrying the flag and one young guide just stayed on the seats and didn’t do anything at all!

    Rebecca M, year 7 xxxxx

    P.S. Do you know a girl called Atlanta Prow (however that surname is spelt!) that used to be in reception with me?

    BYE!! xxxxx

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