My little stars!

Sixteen little stars shone brightly today.  I am so proud of all of you.  You sang beautifully and looked perfect.  At least fifteen people came to complement me on your performance and your perfect behaviour during the service.  We have already been asked to take some children to next year’s service.  I know that singing in front of so many people was scary but you did so well.  You portrayed our school in such a fantastic way.

On behalf of the Friends of Rowcroft, thank you. 

On behalf of the people who are cared for within Rowcroft Hospice, thank you. 

On behalf of our school, thank you.

To all of your parents who gave up their Sunday afternoon to transport you to and from the service, thank you.

3 thoughts on “My little stars!

  1. I’m so glad it all went well, and we did,our parents, you, our school, Rowcroft,the people who attended the service proud.I enjoyed the service.

  2. Wel done you lot i knew you would do great becauseyour practices were well good! Silly Millie x

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