Don’t forget…

ar8bxwbcackdq7gca6r3q3mcar79z5qca6816qicaff1js9ca5at8c2ca9yl2ejcaf441j2caijq3dzcaevp83hcamtexhacajw3765camndg7ccal4twrncascjpsecaiywof8camon45eca1c4bj1.jpgOn Monday we are off to Sainsbury’s carol singing.  You will need to bring the following things to school:

– a warm coat

– scarf and gloves

– a Christmas hat (if you have one)

– any other accessories which will make you look Christmassy!

We have managed to sort out enough transport to return you all from the Willows so we will only have to worry about the walk there!  If you can persuade your parent to pick you up at 2.30pm then that would still help!

Have a good sleep the night before, you will need plenty of energy for the walk!  I am going to arrange for us to switch lunch with G2 & G3 for the day so that we can have our lunch ten minutes earlier as we will have to leave school by 12.45pm at the latest.

Miss Leaman

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