What do you reckon about this Newsround story?

Man told ‘switch off Xmas lights’

Christmas lights

A man has been told to turn down the glare of his Christmas lights this year after they caused too many complaints.For years Vic Moszcyznski has put up loads of lights, but neighbours have been moaning there are too many.

They say the lights attract crime to the area and cause traffic jams, as so many people slow down when they drive past the house to get a good look.

Now Mr Moszcyznski has been taken to court, and ordered him to limit the number of things he can put up.

Christmas lights

How the house used to look

More than 1,000 cars drove past the festive house every night for six weeks last Christmas, said police.

Thames Valley Police said more than 40 crimes committed in the area last year were “directly linked” to the lights.

Mr Moszcyznski has been putting up the lights for the last 18 years, and has raised more than £50,000 during that time for charity.

8 thoughts on “What do you reckon about this Newsround story?

  1. that is quite stupid because i think that that house looks nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. thats strange cos it looks nice but it might put cars of driving. He still put lots of effort in to making it look nice.

  3. Hi Miss Leaman!

    It’s true! Even if it made traffic jams, that man put a lot of effort in to making that ordinary house into something ABSALOUTLEY beautiful and looking fantastic!

    Today, my school (st. cuthbert mayne) got to leave early (at 1:30pm) so I got to go and watch the children sing those beautiful christmas carols! I saw you, Mrs Beardsmore, Mrs Wege and of coarse… MRS LEESON!!! (YIPEEeeeeeeee………..!!!). I chatted with mrs leeson and mrs wege and I also got to go in your class and get three ROSES!!!

    Rebecca, year 7 xxxxx

    By the way…



  4. Christmas isn’t the same as what it used to be my Nan says,gone are the days when ALL the shops closed and you had to stock up on bread and Milk etc,Nannie says it’s to commercialised,and we should all try and get back the Old Spirit of Christmas. 🙂

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