10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone!

  1. For christmas i got a guiness book of world records for christmas and loads of simpsons stuff

  2. and i got alot of ferrero rochers for christmas and with my twenty quid i got some k-swiss shoes and with my 10 pound voucher i got a Tardis money box wich makes sounds.

  3. i got a trials bike cube world gunis o8 psp case scarletric lego car and a k’nex rolocoster and loads more

  4. I got Wii online so I can play old games for free, 5 new wii games, world records 2008, the wii zapperwhich is like a gun type thing, a dog called Sam (he is a springador), a new Man U trarcksuit and £120 from my whole family

  5. Hi Miss Leaman!

    OK! You will now find out!

    I got some me-to-you teddy stuff, a hair :)accessery, a bag of chocolate santas, a Nintendo ds and case for it, a cd, dvd of harry potter: order of the phoenix, a box set of doctor who dvds, doctor who activity tin, encyclipedia of doctor who, my first ever mobile phone (pink motorola), a bug barn for collocting and specifying bugs, a whole encyclipedia on animals and of coarse…some MONEY etc…………………………………!!! It was great!

    Rebecca M, year 7 😉

  6. I got a pool/snooker table, 20q,smellies socks,clothes,slippers,sweets,money,but my best present was being with all my family and having a fun day altogether 🙂
    What did you get Miss Leaman anything nice?
    If I don’t get on again in time


    see you all Friday 😦

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