Wahoo! We finally got a reply!

Father Christmas has commented on Rebecca’s post (on the Creative Christmas Blog).  At his request I am also posting it as a new post so that everyone will see it!

mrfatherchristmas Says:

Well I hope that Miss Leaman will have time to copy and paste this as a proper post otherwise it may get missed when you visit the blog!

I have decided that Christmas will NOT be cancelled this year after reading all of your posts. However, when you get your gifts tomorrow then please try to remember the true meaning of the day – it is not all about getting lots of presents.

I am sorry that I have not posted before and that I cannot write more now – as you can imagine, I am very very busy today. Please spare a thought for me tonight when you go to bed. A mince pie would be lovely with a glass of milk – also don’t forget the reindeers (they get very grumpy if you do!!!)

Have a lovely day tomorrow – I hope that I bring you exactly what you want.

Mr Father Christmas

2 thoughts on “Wahoo! We finally got a reply!

  1. Thank you for not cancelling Christmas,I had alovely day with all my Familyx 🙂

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