What do you think? (From the Newsround Website)

Row over rejected polar bear cubs

Knut the polar bear when he was a young cub

A litter of polar bear cubs at a zoo in Germany could be left to die if their mum continues to reject them.Keepers at Nuremberg Zoo say they will let nature take its course instead of helping the cubs, as that’s what would happen in the wild.

The decision’s caused a big row in Germany where last year a rejected polar bear cub, called Knut, was successfully hand-reared at Berlin Zoo.

But zoo bosses say they don’t want to create their own Knutmania.

The cubs were born a few weeks ago, but so far their mum, Vera, hasn’t shown much interest in them.

A polar bear

Loads of people have contacted the zoo asking them to help the cubs, but deputy director Helmut Maegdefrau said they were still hoping Vera would bond with them.

“If you don’t let the mothers practise, they will never learn how to bring up their cubs,” he said.

“If we were to go in, we would disturb them and make it more likely that something goes wrong.”

Berlin Zoo said it disagreed with Nuremburg’s decision.

Since they started hand-rearing Knut, he has become one of the most famous polar bears in the world.

3 thoughts on “What do you think? (From the Newsround Website)

  1. They should save the bears because on newsround it said that one of the babys died or was lost! they think the mum might of eaten it!! how discusting!!!!! xxx

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