Hello B1

I am missing you!  One of you lovely little children passed on your germs to me and I have been hit with the sickness bug 😦 .  I have not felt quite so poorly for as long as I can remember!  Certainly not well enough to post on the blog until now.  I am disappointed that we have not been able to get on with our Captain Planet work as I was really looking forward to it 😦 .  

I am on a course tomorrow morning (if I am feeling well enough) but I will definitely be back on Friday.  I will be leaving some description work for you to do with the supply teach tomorrow and some Maths work – please make an extra special effort to do your best work.

See you soon,

Miss Leaman

10 thoughts on “Hello B1

  1. I hope you get better soon! Joanna did it at home and made me, katie and Abbie! She laminated them aswell!

  2. I am a bit earlier than norm. Hooray I hear you say! Hope you are feeling better today. Hope to see you tomorrow if you are well enough. We will look after you won’t we B1? Plus I like the illusion with the 8 lying down! I was trying to help Kaylun to see the Egyptian illusion today in ICT but he couldn’t.
    See you soon .
    love Mrs.Wege

  3. Get Well soon Miss Leaman,hope we see you tomorrow,my mum and dad are both ill with the horrid bug too…Dad has had it for 4 days and mum 5 not nice 😦
    Hope to see you tomorrow
    Love Bradx 🙂

  4. HI Miss Leaman I have been sent home today 😦 but I’ll pobably see you tomorrw because I am feeling MUCH better!
    Katie B

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