Hooray! (From the Newsround Website)

Polar bear cub to be hand-reared

Polar Bear Vera takes care of her cub

Zookeepers in Germany have decided to hand-rear a polar bear cub because of fears its mum might harm it.

The people caring for the animals had said they wouldn’t interfere with the way the cubs were being looked after.

But they changed their minds after the polar bear called Vera was filmed carrying her cub in her jaws around her pen in Nuremberg Zoo.

There are also fears that another polar bear at the zoo, called Vilma, may have eaten her two newborn cubs.

It is thought Vilma’s cubs may have been ill, and experts say polar bears sometimes eat their young if they are unwell.

A row over the cubs’ welfare broke out earlier this week when visitors to the zoo became concerned about the way they were being treated.

Zoo bosses said they wouldn’t help the cubs, but would let nature take its course, as that’s what would happen in the wild.

Now they’ve changed their minds, and are going to start bottle-feeding Vera’s cub.

But they say they don’t want to create their own “Knut mania”.

Knut became one of the most famous polar bears in the world when keepers at Berlin Zoo began hand-rearing him last year.

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