One house point for…

Spotting what has been added to this page and what has just disappeared!

8.50pm UPDATE

It is not any of the posts which have changed as they are always changing!  It is something about the bits which are always there.  Aidan knows but he may not know that he knows!

5 thoughts on “One house point for…

  1. Hi Miss Leaman!

    I know what has dissapeared but not appeared because there are loads of new thing since the last time I went on here!:(

    The thing that has dissappeared is that too much gift wrap one that everyone said that the girl in the picture loves doctor who! Miss… can I have a housepoint please!!!! (HE HE HE HA HA HA!!!).
    BYE!! xxxxx
    Rebecca M,year 7

    P.S. On Saturday, I’m going into town on my own for the first time with a few mates with my first ever mobile phone! (+ which is the best phone in the whole intire universe). 😉

    BYE!! xxxxx

  2. Sorry I was ‘meanna’ do a 😦
    Rebecca M,year 7 xxxxx

    P.S. I’m also having a meal down town with my mates as well!!! 🙂 😉

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