A weekend quiz!

1. In Shrek, what’s special about Donkey?

2. What’s the name of the rabbit in Bambi?

3. In the film Ratatouille, what does Remy the rat want to be?

4. Who helps Nemo’s dad find his missing son?

5. What’s the name of Hermione’s cat in the Harry Potter films?

6. The Doctor is a Time Lord from which planet?

7. How many stomachs has a cow got?

8. What are the Duke and Duchess of York’s children called?

9. How many children does the Queen have?

10. What kind of dogs does the Queen keep?

11. What are David and Victoria Beckham’s children called?

8 thoughts on “A weekend quiz!

  1. Hi Miss Leaman!

    1. He can talk.
    2. Thumper.
    3. A proffessional chef.
    4. Dory.
    5. Crookshanks.
    6. Gallifrey.
    7. Four
    8. Earl and Lady
    9. Four
    10. Corgis
    11. Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

    Rebecca M,year 7 BYE!! xxxxx 🙂

  2. 1. he can talk,he can dance and he can fly
    2. Thumper
    3. A Chef
    4. Dory
    5. Crookshanks
    6. Gallifry
    7. 1 with 4 different parts
    8 Beatrice and Eugine
    9 4
    10 Corgi’s
    11. Brooklyn Romeo and Cruz….

    Had mum’s help with this one,it was more tricky than the other one. 🙂

  3. 1 donkey can talk
    2 thumper
    3 a proffesional chef
    4 dory
    5 it is crookshanks
    6 the doctors home plant is GALLIFREY
    7 it has 2 stomachs
    8 beatriche and eugenie
    9 the queen has 4 children
    10 corgis
    11 brooklyn cruse and romeo

  4. 1.he can talk
    8.beatrice and eugenie
    11.romeo and brooklyn and cruz

  5. I have done a special quiz just for you Miss Leaman,(and anyone else if they want a go)because I am really bored,it’s all about Harry Potter…you don’t have to do it,I know how busy you are….

    1. What is a person who can communicate with snakes called?
    2. how many goal posts are there on a Quidditch Pitch?
    3.What birthday did Harry celebrate in the First book?
    4. How many points is the golden snitch worth?
    5.Who was killed by the Basilisk?
    6.Who enjoys a lively game of head juggle?
    7 Who notices Harry’s scar first?
    8.What is the Goblet of Fire?
    9. How many different kinds of balls are used in Quidditch?
    10. On the train to Hogwarts, whom did Scabbers bite?

  6. 1. Parseltongue (not sure about the spelling!)
    2. Three x 2 so six in total
    3. Eleven
    4. 150 points
    5. Moaning Myrtle
    6. No idea!
    7.Hagrid ???
    8. The goblet into which names are entered, it chooses the competitors for the Triwizard competition.
    9. Three – quaffles, bludgers, snitches
    10. Ron

    Did I get any right? Maybe I ought to read all of the books again!

  7. I thought I’d post the answers on Brads behalf
    The Answers are…………..

    2. 11th
    3. 6
    4. 150
    5. Moaning Murtle
    6. Sir Patrick Delany-Podmore
    7. One of the Twins
    8. It’s a Cup that settled who would compete in the Triwizard Tourament
    9. 3

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