Well done!

Well done to everyone who has answered the quiz/riddle.  I am holding on to the answers which you have posted until tomorrow evening just in case anyone else would like to try and answer the questions.

Katie, Alanna & Ellie – if you visit the blog today then I hope that you feel better soon.

Miss Leaman

7 thoughts on “Well done!

  1. Get well soon Katie,Alanna and Ellie,see you when you are back at school..:-)

  2. Miss Leaman we went online on my wii and looked at the world records from around the world and found out that we are top of the rankings which means that we are best in the world!
    So tommrow you will be with world champions

  3. Hey we have smashed the 10,500 mark can we make it to 11,000 by Thursday? 🙂

  4. Hey B1 and Miss Leaman you’ve gone over the 11,000 hits Well Done!

    Mrs Hole 🙂

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