Ahhhhh! From the Newsround Website!

Polar bear cub is getting on well

Polar bear

Zookeepers in Germany who are hand-rearing a polar bear cub say it is growing well and putting on weight quickly.

The female cub was taken away from its mum because of fears she may harm it, after another polar bear at Nuremburg Zoo ate its cub.

Now the baby is being fed every four hours by four keepers looking after it.

Zoo bosses are trying to find a name for the cub, and say they have been sent thousands of ideas by email.


Last week they said they wanted to avoid to creating their own “Knutmania” – the craze surrounding the cub Knut.

He became one of the most famous polar bears in the world when he was hand-reared by another German zoo last year.

But the six-week old cub at Nuremburg zoo has already sparked a new craze – with some saying she could grow up to be Knut’s girlfriend!

The zookeepers started looking after the baby after visitors became concerned about the way its mum Vera was treating it.

At first they said they wanted to let nature take its course and wouldn’t interfere.

But they changed their minds after Vera was filmed carrying the cub around the pen in her jaws.

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