7 thoughts on “Can you do me a favour please?

  1. Hello miss leaman glad to see that rebecca is doing well. I hope everyone is doing well at school. Im doing great!

    Katie P

  2. Hello Katie,

    Glad to hear that you are doing well! Do you fancy writing a short bit about your school for me???

    Thanks for visiting the blog.

    Miss Leaman

  3. Hello Miss Leaman

    Im really enjoying it at westlands, i really like opening minds which is geography, itc and history jammed into one. we have it 8 times a week! Ive got over 70 housepoints already and have got 2 postcards. you get postcards for extra hard work. i got 1 in french and 1 in textiles. I have also got a planner i have to put my homework in there and its also got a timetable in it ( you get loads of homework!!! )

    I hope everyone is looking forward to going to their new school in september. it may seem scary at first but after a couple of days you start to get used to it.

    Good bye and good luck

    Katie P

  4. I made my own blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Guys!

    I am sure that if you read Katie P and my reveiws of our first term at our new schools, then I bet ya that you’ll be very excited and very interested about them and Steph might even do a review on TCC! So please read them! xxxxx 🙂 😉

    Rebecca M,year 7 at st cuthbert mayne BYE!! xx

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