Thank you…


Thanks everyone for the ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes (it is not until tomorrow though and when you are as old as me then you try to forget that it is your birthday!!!!).  Happy Birthday to Bradley for tomorrow, you are the second pupil that I have taught who has shared my birthday!  I wonder if the other one had a colour defect as well…!

Hello to Hayden who is visiting the blog from his phone.  Please be careful that it does not end up costing you a lot of money to visit the site though!

See you all tomorrow.

Miss L

11 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Thank you Miss Leaman I hope we both have a Superduper Birthday. See you in the morning with your Suprise(hee hee), could you be in the Playground in the morning please(if your not too busy?)

  2. A Birthday Riddle for the Birthday People…..

    Jenny has a wonderful birthday cake, with pink icing and colourful candles.
    She takes a deep breath, and blows as hard as she can, one third of the candles are blown out.
    Once more Jenny blows hard and this time one third of the remaining candles are blown out.
    If there are 8 candles alight, How old is Jenny?

  3. Hi Miss Leaman!

    When was your birthday! I forgot this year! Is it possible if I could have your birthday! (as in when it was e.g: 19th April!) (OOPS! Sorry! I gave you my birthday as an example! Oh well!) BYE!! xxxxx Rebecca M,year 7 😉 🙂

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