18 thoughts on “Develop your observation skills…

  1. fish,dog,baboon,duck,aligator,bear,bird,monkey, wolf,moose,lion,frog,tiger,dragon.

  2. hippo,bear,fish,tiger/lion,dragon,frog,parrot,dog,moose,butterfly,peoples faces,seal,a big face,baboon,ape,crocodile/alligator/, castle,cat,old man’s faces,teddy bear,bird,people in the waterfall. 🙂

    I hope you had a great birthday Miss L,and you liked your cake x

  3. Hi Miss Leaman!

    I can see 9!
    Rebecca M,year 7 at st.cuthbert mayne xxxxx

  4. Hi Miss Leaman!

    Teddy bear, mandrill, gorilla, fox, lion, tiger, hippo, crocodile, rabbit, stag, frog, bird, cat, seal, fish, parrot, dog and a dragon! (18 ANIMALS!)
    🙂 BYE!! xxxxx Rebecca M,year 7!

    p.s. We (humans) might have evolved from apes and might be 96.2% reletive to an ape but we are not animals! (Tru fact!!!!!) 😦
    BYE!! xxxxx 😉

  5. Hi Happybrad!

    By the way Bradley! 😦 That babboon you say which is a mountain, it is a mandrill because babboons don’t have a distinct brightly coloured pattern on their faces but mandrills do! Rebecca M,year 7 xx
    😉 🙂

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