Radio Adverts

Remember – you need to think about your radio advert for tomorrow.  If you can, then listen to a few on the radio and get some ideas about what is particularly effective at grabbing the listener’s interest. 

We will only be able to play a selection onto the playground so it will be the most effective ones which get chosen.  Don’t forget – if we have any chance AT ALL of getting Gemini FM or Palm FM to play the advert on air then they will have to be absolutely EXCELLENT!

Hopefully I will be able to find a way of uploading all of the finished adverts onto the blog (although I am not sure how to do it al the moment).

If I can then I will have a play with the recording software tonight and see if it will be possible for us to record a full podcast (radio show).

Here are some links to other school sites where you could listen to their podcasts (let me know what you think):

One thought on “Radio Adverts

  1. They are quite good,I hope ours do get onto Gemini or Palm that would be good! 🙂

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