Morning all…

screens_feature-39345.jpgGood morning to anyone who goes into the ICT suite before school this morning. 

Just a gentle reminder that you should use that time as a ‘learning’ time and you should not really use it to play games (even if they are developing learning skills!).  It is nearly the weekend so have a good rest and get ready for next week’s work.  I am still thinking about what we are going to do in Literacy but I know that you enjoyed the poetry… maybe we could do some more!

Also, don’t forget the Valentine’s disco/ball is NEXT Friday at 5pm so get your posh clothes ready to party!  There will be a letter going home next week but only if Katie has persuaded at least four teachers/TAs to attend…?  Katie let us know.

And… don’t forget to keep thinking about those World Book Day costumes – the 7th of March will soon be here and the Herald Express will only take photos of the best costumes (and of course I would like my class to be wearing them!)

Finally, please keep collecting CDs, DVDs, computer games and mobile phones for our Blue Peter/Rowcroft appeals – the donations are very slow at the moment.  Please ask other members of your family.  Remember there are millions of unused and unwanted mobile phones in this country – we just need our pupils to collect 20 of them to make a difference to the environment and to Rowcroft.  Don’t delay, act today – you can do it!  The power is yours!  (Got the idea yet?!)

See you all soon,

Miss Leaman

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