End of Half Term Well Done

Well done everyone. You have had such a brilliant half term and I am proud of all of you. I thought that I would post something about each of you so here goes:

Millie – works so hard all of the time and is such a good role model.

Jake – superb progress in writing, you have the potential to become a super star!  Keep up the excellent progress.

Nadine – such a happy girl, again a hard worker and brilliant role model.

Kaylun – I am really proud of your progress in writing, you are doing so well.

William – what an amazing turn around with your behaviour (especially for visiting teachers) and brilliant work as well.

Lloyd – you always make me smile J. Amazing progress in writing – well done.

Joe – what fantastic ideas and vocabulary you have in Literacy – amazing potential to become an author. Pretty good reading skills as well.

Hayden – hard worker, good footballer, nice boy! It is a pleasure to teach you!

Aidan – happy and lively. Excellent at ICT and a welcome regular on the blog.

Rebecca – such great progress in division and some superb writing in Literacy – well done.

Naomi – a star! Such a hard worker who is making good progress – well done.

Emma – quiet and hard working. You are making such good progress – I am proud of you.

Callum – a really good effort in my lessons and such great potential.

Devon – amazing progress and you have become so much more confident in yourself – you can do it!

Katie – such a happy and bubbly personality – a delight to have in the class. I am so glad that you are staying with us for a bit longer.

Bradley – so reliable, quiet and hard working. Always prepared to help others (especially me!) and a welcome regular on the blog.

Abbie – friendly and hard working. A great goal keeper and a great attitude towards work. It is so nice to have you in the class.

Joanna – always happy to try anything and to give everything a go. Very bubbly and hard working.

Courtney – a hard worker who is making very good progress. Well done and keep it up.

Harry – a great member of the football team. Hard worker!

Alanna – quiet and hard working. Superb progress particularly in writing.

Ellie – you have tried so hard in this half term and you excellent improvement in reading is well deserved. Keep it up!

Rhys – what an improvement you have made. You have really become one of B1 and are making amazing progress because you have tried so hard.

Sam – You have such amazing ideas in your written work and brilliant vocabulary. Keep using all of your skills.

Jamie – great progress with your written work – you have really started to use sentences appropriately with the correct punctuation.

8 thoughts on “End of Half Term Well Done

  1. sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

    i can name somthng im proud of- always making people laugh

  2. Thank you for your nice words Miss Leaman,mum said I must always try to help others because one day I might need someones help. 🙂

  3. Nice to see those lovely words about you Bradley.We are very proud of you,keep up all the hard work. The world is your Oyster!
    Mum & Dad xxxx

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