Tonight’s Disco

Ow: My poor feet! The disco went well. I hope that it was what Katie wanted! Thank you very much to Katie and crew for organising the event. Here are lots of other thank yous:

  1. Mrs Bearne for working so hard with the decorations, throne, crowns etc.
  2. Mr Hole for being such a great DJ and Mrs Hole for leading the dancing so well.
  3. Mrs Mountford and the other PTA members (Mrs Meilton, Mrs Parr, Mrs Pilkington and Mrs Noble) for organising and helping out at the event.
  4. Mrs Pilkington for the biscuits-lovely!
  5. Mrs Mitchell for the lovely cakes and balloons.
  6. Mr Morris, Mrs Wege, Mrs Harvey, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Aziz, Mrs Squire – for staying late to supervise the disco.
  7. B1 for making such a big effort to attend and support the event – you know that gets a big thumbs up from me!

I am off to rest my aching feet now – have a good evening.

6 thoughts on “Tonight’s Disco

  1. i thought there would be bout 2 kid fights lolololololoololloololllololololololololololololololoolololloolollololololololololoolololololololololoololloloolloololololololololololoollolololoolololololloololololololooloolol oh and bye the way lol

  2. Mr Hole says….. he is very glad that everyone enjoyed the disco and he’d like to thank all the people who personally came up to him and Thanked him,you were all so well behaved and joined in so well with the dances.

    Mrs Hole says “Your welcome had a fantastic night and you all did excellently with all the dances especially the Cha Cha Slide”.

    Bradley sys Thank you to everyone involved and thanks Dad you were great!

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