Can you imagine going to this school? (Newsround Story)

School with two pupils stays open

Cabrach Primary School
A school with just two pupils in Scotland is going to be kept open despite plans to shut it.

Moray Council wanted the children, Lily and Aaron, from Cabrach Primary to move to another school six miles away in Dufftown.

But the Scottish Government ruled that the school should stay open for them, after local people held a campaign.

The council thought that the high costs – £50,000 a year per child – weren’t fair to other schools and pupils.

Councils usually spend about £3,300 a year per child in school.

Since 2001, Cabrach Primary has never had more than five pupils.

Until Christmas there were four pupils, but then the other two moved to Australia.

School protest

Loads of kids are fighting to save their schools

The decision to keep the school open comes as hundreds of kids in Shropshire, Herefordshire, the Isle of Wight and Gwynedd in Wales are campaigning to keep their small schools from shutting.

The problem is there has been a drop in the number of babies being born in the last 10 years, and this means there are empty desks in schools.

Education costs money, and some people think it’s cheaper to have lots of children at a big school, rather than have them scattered across lots of smaller ones.

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