Watch out in the playground today! (Newsround story)

Meteor crashes into school field

Children pointing at the meteor

Ever thought what you’d do if one day something came hurtling out of the sky towards you?

Well that’s what happened to kids at Yardley School in Birmingham. They were having a normal PE lesson when something came crashing out of the sky.

The thing was bigger than a shoebox and shattered into several large chunks when it hit the ground, leaving a hole.

Lizo went to find out more about the “meteor” ice, which was reddish in colour and didn’t smell of anything.

Lizo went to the school to investigate

Lizo went to investigate!

Some of the kids said it narrowly missed them as it fell.

It’s thought to be a megacryo-meteor, which is the name given to large chunks of ice which fall from the sky.

But chunks of it are being stored in a freezer at a research lab so more tests can be carried out.

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