Oh no – bad news from the Newsround Site!

Bad weather on way for Easter

Snowman sitting on a bench

Everyone gets excited about a white Christmas but it looks like we might have a white Easter this year.Forecasters are saying snow is set to fall across the UK with freezing weather, especially in Scotland.

And with many schools having a short break for Easter instead of a longer holiday, there could be travel chaos.

Roads, railways and airports are expected to be packed. So if you’re off somewhere, don’t forget to take a good book for the journey!

4 thoughts on “Oh no – bad news from the Newsround Site!

  1. Hi Miss Leaman!

    It was snowing and sleeting where I live yesterday! One moment it was slight, then heavy, then it stopped! It repeated this cycle over and over again…! It was alright because we hardly ever get any snow here but three Christmas’ ago, we had the most snow ever in YEARS…! And the good thing was, that the next day, in the evening me, Chloe and Aaron C got to play and make snowmen compertitions in the snow…! No-one won though because Chloe’s dad thought that they were all fantastic and we all finally had a great big snow fight at the back of where I live at the end…! It was GREAT……………….!
    Rebecca M,year 7 xxxxx BYE!!! 😉 🙂

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