Well done Katie!

I am pleased to be able to write that Katie is going to be the second lucky pupil from B1 to be Gemini FM’s Wednesday Weather Kid.   I bet that Bradley is glad that it is not him who has to get up at 6.30am in his holiday to record the weather!  I guess that you will be able to hear Katie reading the weather on Gemini FM tomorrow morning at 7.30 & 8.30am – oh I guess that I am not going to get a lie-in!

Good luck Katie 🙂

8 thoughts on “Well done Katie!

  1. Cool dudet!!

    Well done katie!!

    I wonder what the weather will be like i hope it will be sunny!

  2. Hi!

    Everyone, would you like a sporty game that features a bike, obstacles and scenery? Well this is the game for you! It includes two bike to choose from and so many levels. You have to get around obstacles to pass each level. Levels 1 to 3 have obstacles like logs and rocks and level 4 to 5 that I know of are on a farm with obstacles like tractors and hay-stacks. I bet the boys will enjoy this game the most.


    Good Luck xxxxx 😉 🙂

    Rebecca M,year 7 @ st. cuthbert mayne

  3. Hi Miss Leaman!

    Could you send that onto the B1 News & Reviews Blog so everyone can have a go at this game. PLEASE!!
    Rebecca M,year 7 xxxxx 😉

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