Start of a new term!

Kaylun – we all go back to school tomorrow!

Sorry that there have not been many posts on the blog over the holidays but I have been busy and since there were not many visitors I thought that I would have a break!  However, I will endeavour to return to daily posts now that we are going back to school.

We are entering our most important learning time now as we revise for SATs.  Please come to school ready to learn and to be the best that you can within your learning!  You may be finding somethings within maths and literacy hard but there is plenty of time for us to put that right.  Don’t forget – if you have volunteered to grow your brains by attending Maths club before or after school then you must return to permission slip.  The Level 5 sessions will start after school tomorrow with Mrs Wege and the Level 4 before school sessions will start on Wednesday with Mrs Wege and myself.

See you all tomorrow – I am looking forward to hearing all of your news!

Miss Leaman

7 thoughts on “Start of a new term!

  1. Hi!

    Everyone! ATTENTION…! I need people to have a go at this game because for further notice, I shall do a mini – quiz on the first 5 levels! (If you can get that far! As well as a quiz, the first few people that tell me thier scores (if you fall over, the game is over) will enter a competition to see who can get the highest score (the person who can get up to the highest level).
    The game is called Stunt Dirt Bike! I hope everyone at least will do their best to win the competition! 😉 🙂

    Rebecca M,year 7 xxxxx

  2. Hi Miss leaman!

    Can u post that onto the b1 news and reviews blog! Rebecca M,year 7 xxxxx

  3. on the 9th of april i went on a big boat that takes you to spain and it was good 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi Naomi!

    How do u make those smiley faces with massive grins?! Anything 2 do with computers, I WILL understand!
    Rebecca M,year 7 xxxxx 🙂 😉

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