Have your say about the SATs results! (Newsround Story)

If you’re waiting for your Sats results you could be in for a longer wait than you thought.

That’s because thousands of Key Stage Two papers for 10 and 11-year-olds haven’t been marked yet.

But are you bothered that you’ll have to wait a week longer for your results?

Maybe you’ve already forgotten about your Sats, or are you annoyed that after all your hard work you might have longer to worry about how you’ve done.

Let us know what YOU think!


“Just come I want my level 4 or 5!!!”

Melissa, 11, Derbyshire, England

“Yes it does matter because I spent ages revising and I want my results quickly!”

Issy, 11, Tamworth, England

“I would like to get them at school, so I can tell my friends what I got. But I think that it is fair enough that the Sats results are late, because the markers have 1000s of papers to mark.”

Alice, 11, Cleadon, England

“I’m angry because I’m so nervous and I have to wait even longer.”

Aila, 11, Liverpool, England

“I’m a bit annoyed because I was looking forward to having them all week and now we have to have our school reports late as well :(“

Emily, 11, Worcester, England

“Well I am really angry. I have spent hours and hours revising. I gave up TV time, shopping time for revising and when they were over I was excited about getting my results but because of this delay I am going to have to wait longer.”

Sana, 11, Devon, England

“We can’t stand it we have been waiting ages. Since we have done the Sats we have been excited to know what our score is. It’s really irritating as we have practised for so long and now they’re about a week late!!!”

Hannah and Beth, 11, Caistor, England

“I like it when the Sats results are on time.”

Saffron, 13, Kent, England

“I would actually because I would like to know what I got in my Sats.”

Prima, 12, London

“They will come eventually but I don’t really want to wait for them.”

Georgia, 11, Kidderminster, England

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