6 thoughts on “Spot the difference.

  1. On the 1st one you can see the little bit on the end of the spade on the 2nd you cant.x

  2. The buckets one has sand in it and the other doesnt. On the castle this one has a line on it and one is at the top and one is at the bottom. On the shadow there is a arm on one side and no arm on the other side.On thr belt it has a dot and on the other one it doesnt.And the spade its showing more on the side and not on the other side.
    Lol thought of lots 😀

  3. umbrella
    spade in sand
    ribbon in girls hair
    boys belt
    boys nose
    girls chin
    boys bucket
    shell on castle
    boys toe

  4. how does she do that ( alanna ) she must of had a supersonic eye sight!!!!!!!!!!=O bet she has’nt
    bet see won’t bet mi eyes

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