How are you all feeling?

Well the summer holidays are nearly over and you are very close to starting at your new school (for those of you who were in B1 LAST year obviously).  How are you all feeling about it now?

My ‘bump’ is much much bigger now and the baby has decided that it likes to put one of its feet on my ribs ALL of the time which has made the area very sore.  It is still kicking lots but as it is getting bigger it isn’t as easy for it to do somersaults any more!

Lloyd, I know that where you have been on holiday it was VERY hot but please do not wish any more rain upon us – we have had plenty!

I look forward to hearing your news…

Miss Leaman

6 thoughts on “How are you all feeling?

  1. I am getting a bit nervous only two weeks to go and I shall be in TCC! I just hope I settle in quickly and keep doing my best. I need to get my shoes and a spare polo top. Dad has been in hospitial so me and mum are going down at the end of next week to get them. I have all my pens,pencils etc all ready in my bag I don’t want to forget anything. I am looking forward to starting my new school.. It is nice to see the sun today hope it stays for a while lol 🙂

  2. I am feeling a bit nervous but excited.

    The wheather has not been very summer lol

    But its a nice day today hope the sun stays out lol

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