No updates for a while as I haven’t been very well.  However, I will update the blog over the next few days.

Naomi has posted to say that she has done her first day at Westlands.  Maybe some of you will leave a comment on this post to tell me about your new schools and how you are settling in – it would be great to hear all of your news.

Miss Leaman

5 thoughts on “Sorry…

  1. First day at TCC we had to meet in the Hall,then we had a tour round the school and told the frie drill. We then went to English met everyone had to tell the class and teacher about ourselves. Then we went to Caring 4c where we wrote down all the things we would need.Lunch Time… Next was PE we played football. After Pe was Science where we learnt about CSI…Hometime.
    I really enjoyed my first day at TCC.
    Bradley 7CAG room 221

  2. This is mi 3rd say at westlands 🙂

    But im not in any of emmas classes or tutor.

    But I really like westlands 😉

  3. I had science homework on wednesday, art and maths on thursday, music on friday,science and D+T on monday and maths and geography today!!!!

  4. Hi miss leaman how are u im fine tcc is going really well i am enjoying it. bye

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