Welcome back Millie, Alanna, Naomi and Bradley!

I am glad that you have continued to post on the blog even though you have now started at your new schools.

Everyone who has posted seems to have settled into their new school really quickly which is good.  It seems like some of you are getting lots of homework – lucky you!  The new B1 have been given quite a bit to do this weekend as well.

In answer to Bradley’s question, the new B1 are lovely (so far!) although I haven’t seen very much of them as I have only just gone back to school after the summer holidays as I was not very well.  So I am still getting to know them and they are busy learning what a mean teacher I am!!!

Several of you have said that you are hoping to pop in and see how we are getting on – well that would be lovely.  Make sure that you wear your new school uniform though and then I can see how smart you look.

The baby is fine, much bigger now and kicking lots and lots!  Unfortunately it is making me feel a little bit poorly but it is not much longer now.  If it arrives on time then the baby will be here in just under nine weeks time!!!  I will keep you posted.  If you want to post some name ideas then please do – you never know, I may choose one of your names for the baby!

Keep in touch,

Miss Leaman

9 thoughts on “Welcome back Millie, Alanna, Naomi and Bradley!

  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well Miss Leaman, I hope you and the baby are both doing well.
    I will try and pop in to see you all next week. I am glad the new B1 are lovely, and you are not a mean teacher. you were great!!
    Enjoy the WW2 project,we had alot of fun when we did it the whole school was transformed into a WW2 setting.
    Brad Y7

  2. Hi Miss Leaman

    My mum always picks me up then i go to watcombe to pick Tyler up so ill always be in the playground 🙂

    I have had about 10 pieces of homework already lol

  3. Hey happy brad miss leamans all better now how r u doing well in your new school?

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