Incrediskills Hall of Fame

Below is Samantha’s work from Literacy this week.


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As we arrived at the railway station…

I started clutching my cute, cuddly teddy bear. While the beautiful, emerald green, Great Western ran past us I was terrified and I was crying because I did not know who I was going to live with. I was as sad as a snatched away bear cub. I was also shaking and excited inside my body. As the queue was moving, I rapidly stepped forward a bit. I was really excited because I never been on a train like this before and I never been to the country side before. I am looking forward to seeing the animals like the pigs, cows, sheep, horses and maybe more. I am anxious because of how many people there are going to the countryside and will I make any friends? The queue was slowly moving and I was getting more bored by the minute. I wonder how long the ride was going to take going to the countryside! The train’s engine steamed in my face and I coughed and coughed until the train engine stopped going. I did not know whether the people I was going to live with be nice or strict. As the queue moved again, I got more worried and scared!



Samantha Manley

22 thoughts on “Incrediskills Hall of Fame

  1. Hi Miss Leaman!

    I didn’t know could do writing that good! It’s better than I expected…! Rebecca M,year 8 xxxxx 🙂 😉

  2. This work is FANTASTIC! I can’t believe that Samantha has done so well in her work. Well done Sam.

  3. Thank you to all of the people that sent a coment and I am pleased at everyone who is pleased with my work!

  4. really good work samantha i like it allot bezzie mate emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for sending more comments to my work especially Jacob because he has sent me loads of comments and I am glad there are some differnt comments like Emily. THANK YOU!

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