Busier Blog…

The blog has been very busy today – lots of comments for me to moderate when I switched on my computer this afternoon.

Hannah, I hope that you have a lovely holiday and I am not surprised that you are getting excited about going now.Β  I am glad that you enjoy being in B1 – it is a pleasure to have you in the class.

Michael, wow what a lot of posts today!Β  You do smiley faces by typing a colon followed by a close bracket πŸ™‚ , a grumpy one would be a colon followed by an open bracket 😦 .Β  I hope that Sam is enjoying his new school.

8 thoughts on “Busier Blog…

  1. Hi miss leaman i absolutely love being in ur class. And your baby brains are cool

  2. hi miss leaman i like your webblog its me emily chocolate puppy is alisha keep going EMILY

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