Baby update…

Lots of you have posted saying that you hope that everything is ok with the baby (thanks Chloe’s mum for the long comment/post today) so I thought that it was about time for an update…

The baby weighs around 5lbs.  The midwife told me today that she thinks that it is in the right direction ready to be born.  It likes to try and escape from the top of my tummy and I am sure that it will have long finger and toes nails when it is born (it feels like it is scratching away at my insides!).  As B1 have seen in class, it rests its feet on my ribs and it really likes my right side.  It doesn’t like the midwife very much as it always gives her a good kick when she does her checks to see if it is ok.

The baby’s heart beat is quite slow for a baby at 130 beats per minutes which is supposed to be a sign that it is going to be a boy.  Most people think that it is going to be a boy.  I have predicted that it will be a girl from the very beginning so we will see who is right pretty soon now!!!

I am finishing at school at half term but will continue to update the blog.  You will all be able to keep in touch and find out about the baby when there is some news.  I am going to miss going to school every day and I will miss my new class who are lovely.  However, I expect that the little one will keep me very busy!  I promise to bring the baby in for B1 to see and I will post lots of pictures for the old B1s to have a look at.

I still haven’t decided on a name yet so if you have any ideas then please post them as a comment below.  Also, if you want to predict whether it is going to be a girl or a boy then post them below as well – you are not allowed to change your mind once you have made a prediction though!

Miss Leaman

23 thoughts on “Baby update…

  1. I Think It Will Be A Boy 🙂

    I Like The Name Leo For A Boy For Some Reson Lol 😉

  2. Chloe’s mum’s post:

    Hi miss Leaman thank you for the update were glad to here all is well Elise thinks its a girl and likes the name casey, chloe thinks a boy and likes the name daniel, i think girl and i like the name grace ,chloe tells me you like the name poppy we like that too look forward to hearing from you soon

  3. is that miss leamans baby or not i’m confused but if it is ahhhhhhhhhh
    luv steph

  4. I hope the baby will be a girl, I like the names Sash, Calex Phobe. And if its a boy I like the names Danny,Ben,Max.

    P.S I think its a girl!!!

    FIbble frog!..

  5. Well good luck with the baby. I dont no witch 1 2 think but a boy could be called: Braidy Brian box or Tyler the Teachers son. Girl: Lucy, Katie or Abi

    Hope it goes well.

    🙂 Missile Mike 🙂

  6. I like the name Lilly for a girl and im not sure for a boy! I think it will be a girl! xxxx

  7. Hoping that it will be a … boy … girl … i no, a boil
    😀 funny ye i no.
    No really, a boil

    ( BOY’S RULE )

  8. Loads of messages and loads of ideas for the babies name. BUT, witch one will be the best two for boy or girl???


  9. if its a girl i would call it alisha i dont know why it just came out and if its a boy then i would call it ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    jake or daniel

    my dad said he would call the girl jazmin and the boy danian

  10. hi my fab teacher its emily here i think its a girl wat do u think its gunna ße? a good name 4 a girl would be my friend ariane sas that a name 4 a girl is fiona or seona dont ask me y she said dat and my friend sammy said yasmin like


    so there are all the names i can think off……………….

  11. Hi everybody my mum has had her baby and it is a girl called ruby. she ways 5.7 in baby weight lol

    c ya

  12. i think it’s a boy if it is i like daniel or nathan or gareth if it is a girl i like grace or yasmin or lauren

    c ya on monday x

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