Baby news…

Congratulations to Aidan from last year’s B1 as he is now a big brother.  Baby Ruby has arrived.  I hope that she and all of Aidan’s family are enjoying the new arrival and that they are not having too many sleepless nights!  Keep us updated Aidan as to Ruby’s progress.  I am also interested in any tips that you may have to stop babies crying…!

To all of last Year’s B1 pupils, I hope that you are doing well in your new schools – keep posting your news as we enjoy reading your comments!

7 thoughts on “Baby news…

  1. Congratulations to all of the family and best wishes to baby Ruby. Lovely name by the way . Did you pick the name Aidan? I hope you are doing well at your new school and have made some new friends. We are all looking forward to the next baby news! Mrs Squire and Miss Leaman both due very soon!

  2. hi all when she was born on the irst day she was lifting her head up. babies only supposted to do that when they are about a week?

    see ya

  3. Good Luck to you all,wishing you all best wishes,looking forward to seeing him/her when you post a pic

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