Update on Mrs Squire…

Mrs Squire is still waiting for the arrival of her little baby.  It is due on October the 31st and she feels a little bit more relaxed and rested now that she does not have to come into school every day.  Lots of present and past pupils are posting to see how she is so I thought that I would update you.

Miss Leaman

3 thoughts on “Update on Mrs Squire…

  1. Hope you and Mrs Squire are ok! I miss you! Its weird because i have so many teachers! I miss everyone! I do haev lots of new friends though! I nearly got attacked by a seagull today! It was scary!! xx millie xx

  2. hope u r ok miss leaman and mrs squire guess wat i was running down a hill and fell over and could not walk 2 scool properly

  3. Dear miss leaman and mrs squire

    Hope you are all right. I am getting on well at westlands still and enjoying myself. I have lots and lots of homework and i mean alot. I made lots of new friends. Guess what my friend has school dinners and they are really nice but something horrible happend. She got a sandwich and she opend it up and there was a worm in the sandwhich it was so grouse.I have had my hair cut up to jaw length i really love it. In opening minds me and naomi stockten always laugh ( just like meee)

    From chloe butcher

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