To my lovely class…

Well tomorrow is my last day and I am feeling really sad about leaving you 😦

I would normally post a message to you at the end of term but I will have to do it earlier this year so here goes:

Jay P – you are proving yourself to be a really talented writer, keep developing those skills as I look forward to reading your work when I come back in the summer term.

Alisha – so sensible and reliable.  Be confident in your selection test for Westlands – you can do it!

Samantha – your literacy work is great – such good vocabulary choices and you are effectively using a range of sentence types.  Well done!

Kelsey – such amazing progress already this year.  Keep using your time wisely – I am so proud of the way in which you have been applying yourself.

Abi – you are a star!  Remember that you are a whole year younger than the other children in the class so try not to panic in maths.  This time next year you will be wondering what you have been worrying about!  

Dominic U – such a positive role model for everyone.  Keep up the good work!

Dominic C – such great progress in writing already – keep focusing upon it and you will fulfil your great potential.  Remember to check your maths work for careless errors especially in that TBGS test!!

Joe B – a lovely bubbly personality which cheers up everyone else.  You are doing really well in class – keep aiming high.

Jay F – my little author.  I will miss your joke of the day.  Maybe you can post me one on the blog every now and again?  Try not to panic in maths – you can do it!

Michael – a good little writer and good progress in maths.  Make sure that you find that reading book and keep practising those times tables.  Thanks for posting on the blog.

Connor – a talented footballer and a hard worker in the classroom.  What more could I ask for?  Keep aiming high and you will do really well this year.

Chloe – a little angel.  A pleasure to teach.  This time next year you will be teaching me!  Try not to compare yourself to the older children – you are doing fantastically well and are making terrific progress.

Aidan – another pleasure to teach.  A hard worker.  Please do not worry about any of the work.  You are also making good progress and you must remember that you are only in Y5.

Tony – such a hard worker in lessons and so quick in mental maths activities – keep up the hard work.

Marcus – a valued member of the football team.  Very sensible in class this year and a hard worker in my lessons.  Keep up the good work.

Letitia – sensible, quiet and hard working.  You keep working even when you lack confidence in maths.  Please don’t worry, you can do it and you are making super progress.

Haydn – another quiet, sensible and hard working pupil.  Another pleasure to teach.  Keep working hard!

Lauren – bright and bubbly.  Kind and caring.  A super pupil too!

Emily – a valued member of the class.  A very responsible and active member of the school council – keep up the good work.

Jordan – what an amazing start to the year you have made both in and out of the classroom.  Remember to tell an adult if there is a problem and keep up that excellent effort.

Kane – good progress in maths, excellent progress in Literacy.  A quick worker who is aiming high!

Brandon – Not too much talking to Kane!!!!  Great mathematician and good progress in writing – well done.

Hannah – what an excellent start to year six you have made.  You are kind caring and responsible!

Jacob – quiet but so hard working.  I have bene really impressed with your independence and consistently good attitude to learning.  Keep it up and I am sure that Mr Burns will be just as proud of you.

Owen – such hard work in maths and literacy.  A key player in the football team.  Keep up the good work.

Rebecca – you are beginning to try so hard in maths – you can do it so try to be a little more confident.  Remember to make the most of your learning time and you will find that the work gets easier and easier.

Kirsten – another footballer!  You are very quick and accurate in mental maths sessions – I have been really impressed.  Good progress in literacy – keep it up!

9 thoughts on “To my lovely class…

  1. i am really going to miss you miss leaman when you come back i will start to call you mr burns. come back PLEASE PLEAS PRETTY PLEASE with a cherry on the top. Bye bye

  2. Thank you for the fantastic coments.I am really going to miss you.i will work hard for you good bye!

  3. Dear miss leaman (sob sniff) i am so upset your leaving even if it is for a term and a half!

    by the way when is the babe due?

    Im 10 on sun 2nd nov

    Hope everything is cool with the baby! More like i hope that the baby is like you!

  4. Thank you for the comment about my maths, it was very reasuring! Mr burns is a really hip hop cool teacher but not as hip hop or cool as you! Im sure the whole school will miss you while your away!
    Please let us no when the baby is born and what you have called it.
    Also will you be updating the blog when you are off?
    Could you update us when mrs squire has had her ‘pumpkin’
    Of course me and the other pupils will update you on mrs mathews!
    (she is pregnant) My mum said good luck!

  5. Hannah W are you going to watcombe communaty centre i am and alisha and my other friends well i am

  6. Hi Miss Leaman I am going to miss you and when you come back i am coming to see you and well done to all the children in your class love from Nadine

  7. hi missleaman,
    I am going to miss you will you bring in your baby when it is born

  8. thnx miss leaman i will try not t worry it is so hard not to and Chloe B i ain’t goin to the community centre i am goin TRICK OR TREATING (said in a spooky voice)

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