Mrs Squire’s baby…

Mrs Squire’s baby was born on Monday morning (at a time when you will all have been fast asleep!).  I will tell you that it was a boy but I won’t tell you his name or weight as you never know Mrs Squire might want to post her own message to you all and make the announcement!  I haven’t spoken to her yet as she is obviously very busy with a new baby but when I do I will ask her to do a quick post (if not I am sure that she will be happy for me to give you all of the details!).

So for all of you who predicted a girl… you were WRONG!

Double celebration this week then, could it become a triple celebration!?

7 thoughts on “Mrs Squire’s baby…

  1. Cool I Thought It Was Gunna Be A Girl But It Was A Boy 😮

    Hope Miss Spuire Will Post What Her Baby Weighs And Stuff

    ByeBye x

  2. Hello everyone, I have 5 minutes to spare because my little boy is still asleep! I always said it was a boy, I just had a feeling! Lee thought he was a girl whilst in my tummy so he had a nice surprise!

    He was born at 1.53 in the morning on Monday and was not due until today so he was a little bit early! He weighed 7lbs10oz. His named George Stanley Squire, we already had this name chosen because George is the name of Lee’s grandad and Stanley was the name of mine.

    He is absolulty gorgeous (honest!!!!) and is behaving himself really well ocnsidering he has only just come into the world.

    Soon i will send some pictures. Today, as it is halloween, i am going to get his picture taken with a pumpkin as so many people callled him that whilst I was still pregnant.

    Enjoy the rest of your break and i will write again soon.

    Love Mrs squire and baby Georgexxxxxxx

  3. oh by the way when is your bundle of trouble due!!!?

    just kidding im sure (hope!) the baby will be as cool as you!

    mum said that when she was pregnant with me i kept on kicking!

    and she had put up with it for a week extra!!

    i apparentally still kick in my sleep now!!!!!

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