So what were the fireworks like?

I know that lots of you were going to the firework display at school tonight so you will have to post and tell me what it was like.  I couldn’t come because I am still not allowed to drive AND my coat does not do up anymore so I would have got a cold bump!  I am watching fireworks out of the window instead.

I hope that you all had a brilliant time.  Don’t forget that Mr Morris, Watcombe Community Association and the PTA have spent a long time organising the event…  Maybe there will be one every year from now on.  What do you think?

Miss Leaman


4 thoughts on “So what were the fireworks like?

  1. The fireworks where EXCELLENT!!! We all had a great time a Big BIG thank you to all that helped make it possible! Looking forward to Next Year’s!!!

  2. The Fireworks Where Kool I Saw Miss Matthews There As Well 😀 And A Couple Of Other Teachers.

  3. it was fantabulous i really miss you mr burns made us 10 mins late to go home and he kept a few people 10 mins late for lunch
    like lauren he said do 6-8 sentences she did 7 and he said do two more because that wasn’t good enough u wood never do that
    plz come back we all miss u miss l plzzzzzzzz we want you

  4. The first ever Bonfire/Fireworks at Watcombe school was FANTASTIC!!! The fireworks were amazing,the atmosphere was great and it was great to see the community pulling together so well….
    Looking forward to next year!!

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