Lily Update…

Lily is six days old today.  The midwife has weighed her and she is now 6lbs 5ozs – it is normal for babies to lose some weight after they have been born and she didn’t eat anything for nearly two days!  However, now she is a very hungry baby and cries for her bottle at least an hour before she is due to have another one – only playful crying though not really screaming thank goodness. 

Lily likes to sleep during the day and spend lots of time watching people.  During the night she likes to cry and she hates to sleep!  Lily’s daddy and I are now very very tired but we are hoping that she will soon learn to sleep during the night.  It was her Grandad’s birthday yesterday so she has been to her first birthday party already!

She is hoping to come in and see you all before long.

Miss Leaman & Lily

15 thoughts on “Lily Update…

  1. Hello miss leaman ur baby is so sweet i want to cuddle it!

    PLS bring her in ASAP!!



  2. nice baby miss.leaman and by the way u spelet weight rong but we all no wot u mean #

    lol 🙂 tell the baby that i sed hi from kool krazy konkered haydn see i still use alliteration lol

  3. Hi Miss she is so cute in that photo Abbie could be going out with this boy called James Bennelick aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww she is soooo cute i dont want to stop writing about her!!!!!!!!!!! love nadine

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