Lily Update


The health visitor has been to see Lily today.  She now weighs 7 pounds 2 ounzes so it putting on quite a bit of weight – I told you that she is always hungry!  When the lady went to weigh her she decided that she would wee all over her scales, still the lady seemed to be used to babies doing that.  She was also measured and now she is 51cm from the top of her head to her feet.  Lily is still quite light for such a long baby so she has plenty more feeding to do so that she can keep growing.  She was also measured around her head (the circumference) which suggests that she is going to be quite tall like her daddy.

This morning we went for a walk (well Lily actually slept the whole time in her pram) and we went past my local school.  The children were all out in the playground and it made me think of all of you.  I hope that you are still learning lots and that your brains are growing as quick as Lily Mae’s.

Lily is now far more alert when she is awake.  This morning she was been hitting ‘Sammy the Lamb’ and ‘bear bear’ who sleep in her crib with her, poor Sammy was also getting his ears pulled!

Has Jordan’s mum had her baby yet???

Miss Leaman & Lily

22 thoughts on “Lily Update

  1. lily is really beautiful, i wonder what she was thinking , maybe wake up and annoy mummy.

  2. Ahhh. She is sooooooo cute. Hi Miss Leaman Ive not been on for a while because the inrenet has been down but its on now so ill be on for a while.

  3. yes she does look like u a bit but i havnt really saw your husdband or boyfriend before so i dont know who it looks like more xx she is really ccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love her

  4. my dad thinks she is thinking about what school to go to and he said hopefully it will be watcombe

  5. oh yer miss i forgot to tell you but on saturdayi broke my nose and it really hurt i didnt cry and it didnt bleed euther but it has a humunges limp on it and corey just smacked it.

  6. arh bless. she looks georgous. hope all went well for you. painfull i no but its all worth it. barbara, nadines mum. x

  7. hi miss leaman i havnt been on 4 like a long time so i cum on to say hi and how r u and thats it really sooo bye…. oh ye i like ma new school.:P

  8. hi miss
    when you comin to visit and yes jordans mum has had her baby
    we all really miss you
    see ya soon
    lots of love alisha
    (p.s are you comin to watch the christmas play, i won’t be in it)

  9. Comercial:

    In B1 every day theres a christmas club in B! 🙂
    Go to B1 at lunch time to make decorations for the class! 😀


  10. Hi Miss Leaman, How are you? When will you come back? Chloe said that she saw you and Lily. I miss you! Can you come back soon?Hope you can see the christmas play(I won’t be in it. I am rehersing) Have fun!

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