Lily Update

Lily & her cousin Yasmin

Lily & her cousin Yasmin

Sorry that we didn’t come into class and see you on Wednesday.  We were only popping in very quickly to check that something was working properly before all of the teachers used it.  We will be in very soon so that Lily can meet B1… I promise!

Today Lily has had her hearing check and she passed with flying colours.  She has also had her cousin, Yasmin, around to play.  Yasmin likes to read Lily little books and shake her rattles.  Lily is now clever enough to turn her head towards the sound and she reaches out for the toy, she can’t really grab hold of them yet.

Lily continues to play her little game – the one where she waits until you take her nappy off to change it and she wees everywhere!!!  She has done it twice today.  It doesn’t matter how quick or careful we are she always manages it.  Still it could be worse!

Thank you for my lovely booklet of congratulations which you made in ICT with Mrs Hayward and Mrs Wege.  It was lovely, I was really pleased when Mrs Wege delivered it.  I have some new pictures to put onto the blog so that you can see how much she has grown.  I will try and post them tomorrow as I need to find the camera leads first.

Miss you all.  It is lovely to read your comments on the blog.  I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas play although  I am not sure which performance I am going to be coming to yet.

See you all really soon.

Miss Leaman & Lily

7 thoughts on “Lily Update

  1. hey miss leaman i am well excited bout r xmas play!
    Mr buns has an outfit its the following: a cap some black shades and a grey hoodie pulled up over his cap!!!!

    missin ya loads!xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. A lovely photo.
    What pretty female genes your family have!
    Yasmin looks so proud of her baby cousin.
    I can’t believe how much she has grown too!
    Love Gail x

  3. ahhh she is so cute missin ya loadz
    when u gonna visit wen are you gonna up date us
    do u have anymore pics of stanley

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