Lily Mae Update…

Lily's DressLily has worn her first dress!  It was a present from Mr Morris and his family and it was the first dress that she ever had (she has quite a few more now!).  I am posting the picture so that you can see her wearing something other than pink and so that Mr Morris can see his lovely present being worn by Lily.  It isn’t really a very nice picture of her but she wasn’t co-operating yesterday and she wouldn’t pose for photographs so it was the best that we could get.

Lily and I go out at least once every day (usually twice) but she doesn’t know that she ever leaves the house!  The minute she goes into her car seat or the pram then she falls fast asleep until she gets home again.  I am sure that she thinks that I am a really mean Mummy and that I never take her out anywhere!

Lily likes the lights on the Christmas trees but other than that she hasn’t realised that it is Christmas yet – unlike all of your who must be getting very excited now!!!  I think, if I remember correctly, that it is your party tomorrow afternoon.  Whenever it is, have a lovely time.  I am sure that Mr Bates has lots of exciting games planned and that he has his party clothes out already!

Let me know what you have asked Father Christmas for.  You never know I might be able to have a quiet word with him and make sure that he brings it on Christmas Eve – I have friends in high places!

Miss you all…

Miss Leaman & Lily Mae

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