Lily Update…

Lily continues to grow well. We are going to the baby clinic so that she can be weighed on Thursday – no doubt she will wee all over the scales again! She had her injections last week and she was not impressed. Lily was fast asleep when the nurses injected her in both legs at the same time. She then cried more or less constantly from 6pm until 11pm but she was fine the next day. Her next injections are in February.


How are all of you?

9 thoughts on “Lily Update…

  1. hi miss leaman,
    we r all so glad to here that lily is doin well. we r all missin u lots and lots. good luck for febuary for her injections. i am wonderin wot ur new years resolution is, mine is to care of my responsibilities e.g dog hamsters etc plz visit soon
    love alisha

  2. I will be popping into school this week, maybe tomorrow, so I may see you then. Otherwise I will bring Lily in for another visit before long. Your resolution sounds very good and I am pleased to hear that you have got your dog back.

  3. Mrs.Hobart is sat next to me and and she is being a pain in the neck!!! πŸ˜€

    I had just finished crystal rain forest! I was the 1st to finished :D:D:D:D

    Mrs.Hobart & Mrs.Smart said hello

  4. Hi Lily and Miss Leaman I hope that you are well.
    I realy miss you and i hope that you can come back soon.
    I hope that you and Lily and Lily’s daddy had a nice christmas.

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