Michael’s new blog…

Michael has designed his own blog. If you ask him then he will give you the web address so that you can visit. Unfortunately I cannot link it directly from this blog for security reasons. The blog is currently getting a massive 750ish hits EVERY DAY. I do not know all of those people so it is not safe for me to allow them direct access to Michael’s blog. Internet safety is VERY important.

Lots of you have asked when I am coming back to school and the answer is… soon! Lily is still too little to be left with someone else at the moment. However I will be back at school sometime after the Easter holidays (which is not too far away). I hope that you are all still working hard and enjoying your maths and literacy lessons. I miss teaching you.

Keep visiting the blog and writing comments. 🙂

Miss Leaman

7 thoughts on “Michael’s new blog…

  1. As I said Michael, I am not able to publish your blog address for security reasons. You will have to tell people the address. If they type it correctly into the address bar then it will work – that is what I did to visit your blog. Google will list the blog in a week or so, it takes a while for them to register new sites.

  2. Sorry, I should have said that your comment has been deleted as it contained the blog address (I have had to do this to all of your comments containing the address).

    Also, as a general reminder to everyone please remember not to post your surname!

  3. Its alright now Miss Leaman Ive write down the address on paper but if one letter or anythin is missing it wont work

  4. the blogs (miss leamans and mikes) are real good i cant be bothered 2 go on anythin lse but thse 2 blogs

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