Lily Update

The Health Visitor came to visit Lily yesterday and she was pleased with how bright and alert she was. She weighed Lily (she didn’t wee everywhere) and she is now 11lbs 9ozs. Then Lily decided that enough was enough and she wanted the Health Visitor to go so she screamed and screamed and SCREAMED! As soon as she went, Lily fell fast asleep with a little smile on her face.

Lily is now grabbing hold of things and her favourite toy at the moment is her dragonfly as it has a small mirror on one of the wings. Lily likes mirrors but she isn’t too keen on the baby that she sees in the mirror…!

The picture is of Lily playing with her Nanny.

Several of you have asked when I am going to come in again. I will let you know before I do and I will come at the end of the day so that Nadine can come along after school. If there are any other ex-B1 pupils who want to come and see Lily then I will come out onto the playground so that you can meet her. I hope that she will be on her best behaviour!

We are meeting up with Mrs Squire and baby George again next week and are looking forward to that.

I hope that you are all well. Miss you all and Mrs Wege.

Miss Leaman & Lily

5 thoughts on “Lily Update

  1. Community News

    Watcombe Community Centre, Childrens Disco, Jan 31st 6.30-8pm
    Ages 0-13 years Entrance £1.00 per child, age 2 and under FREE. All Children under 5 MUST be accompanied by an Adult.
    Refreshments are on sale ie Hot Dog&Chips just £1.00! Sweets Crisps&chocolate bars from 5p.

    Hope to see you all there on Saturday

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