I forgot to tell you in the last post that Lily & I HATE the snow! It means that we have to stay in. We did enjoy watching it out of the window yesterday but we were very glad when the sun came out and melted it away. On the TV every morning they are talking about all of the schools which are closed because of it. My friends who live in Canada and America think that it is hilarious how everything closes and stops here. They have loads of snow for most of the winter and everyone carries on as normal. However, they are used to dealing with it there as they get it EVERY winter. We hardly ever get any decent snow in England and especially not in the South West. Let us hope that it stays away!

4 thoughts on “Snow!!!

  1. Hi Miss Leaman,

    I just wanted to say
    “While we were in the ICT sweet you updated the Blog!

  2. Hi The Snow Was Well Good It Was The Most It Had Snowed In Ages. I Have 2 Alaskaning Malamute Dogs Girl And Boy And They Loved It OUt Side In The Snow Luv Naomi xxx πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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