Lily Mae Update for March

Well I thought that it must be time for another Lily update so here we go…

Lily has her third set of injections later today. Her Nanny has to hold her as I HATE injections and I cannot possibly watch the needle going in! She is going to be weighed on Thursday and last time she went she was 16lbs 1oz.

A couple of weeks ago she learned how to use a rattle. Unfortunately she is prone to hitting you with it if you get too close – OW! She has also hit herself on her head a few times and although she looks a bit startled when this happens, she doesn’t cry.

I am in the process of uploading some video clips so that you can see her other new trick – hitting! She likes to hit Emily her doll, her little chiming birds and the lovely duck which Mrs Wege gave her and make them all swing from side to side.

Mr Morris gave us a bag of small size toys which used to belong to his boys. She loves all of them as they are small enough for her to play with. Her favourite is a monkey – I will see if I have a picture to upload.

Lily & her favourite toy

Lily & her favourite toy

We have now bought her a new buggy. I wanted to buy her a pink one but Lily’s daddy wouldn’t let me. L

We are looking forward to seeing Mrs Wege on Friday. Lily has been to see Baby George and Mrs Squire again. We have also seen Mrs Matthews and her baby bump. I am so excited that she will also have a baby REALLY soon.

Next week I have to go to a meeting about ‘weaning’ her which means starting to give her pureed proper food instead of just milk. I can’t believe that she is old enough for food already!

Well that’s it for now. I hope that you are all well.

Miss Leaman & Lily

3 thoughts on “Lily Mae Update for March

  1. Lilys Well Cute She Has Grown loads

    Its Tylers Birthday Today 🙂

    When Are You Putting A Picture Of George on The Blog ?
    Naomi xxx

  2. She is so sweet when will you come back we need you we all miss you we all love you.
    from tish

  3. EASTER BINGO at Watcombe Community Centre Tuesday 31st March (Tomorrow) Doors open 6.00pm eyes down 6.30pm all under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult NO under 5’s please,Free Hot Cross Bun with every drink purchased.refreshments on sale.
    Thanks for your support, Happy Easter from WCA.

    Next Disco Saturday 4th April NEW TIME!! 6.00pm-7.30pm all welcome,under 2’s free, under 6 to be accompanied by an adult,refreshements and sweets on sale. Hope to see you all there….

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