High School Musical Quiz posted by HSM Fan

HSM Quiz…!

Were you born for stardom?

Ever since she was a little girl, Sharpay Evans has been starring in musicals and plays. She loves to be the centre of attention. And not only is she super talented, but she works hard to make sure that every audition piece is just right. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a star like Sharpay? Take this quiz and find out!

1. On the morning announcements, you hear that the sign-up sheet for musical auditions has been posted in the hall. You:
A. Consider signing up, but wait until the end of the day so you can see who the competition will be.
B. Run out the door before the bell even rings and sign your name to the sheet in huge letters.
C. Feel nervous at the very thought and avoid the hallway with the sign-up sheet in it all day.

2. The lead actress in the school play gets laryngitis the week before the production. The director asks her to take her place. The show must go on, after all! You:
A. Start memorizing the script right away and get the crew to put your name on the star’s dressing room.
B. Run right to the star’s house and administer hot tea with lemon. You’ll cure her if it kills you.
C. Say you’ll do it if he wants, but secretly hope the star gets better.

3. You’re standing in the wings during the musical and the soloist onstage forgets the words to the song she’s singing. You:
A. Whisper the words from the wings until she remembers them.
B. Run out onstage and sing the song for her.
C. Hide backstage until it’s over. You can’t even watch.
4. As you wait backstage before your first audition, you are:

A. Confidently practicing your steps and going over your
B. Huddled near the wall, crying, and wondering why you’re doing this.
C. Cheering others on while patiently waiting your turn.

5. Imagine yourself walking down the red carpet to your first movie premiere, flanked by reporters and photographers. You are:
A. Striding along with a group of your friends, smiling and
B. Strutting solo, striking poses for the photographers. You’ve known which side was your best since infant school.
C. Speed-walking with your head down.

6. You hear that the pretty new girl in school is going to be trying out for the part that you want in the musical. You:
A. Don’t bother auditioning- you know she’ll get the part.
B. Wish her luck and then do your best.
C. Ignore her so she’ll think everyone in drama club is mean and she won’t try out at all.

1. A-1 B-2 C-0
2. A-2 B-0 C-1
3. A-1 B-2 C-0
4. A-2 B-0 C-1
5. A-1 B-2 C-0
6. A-0 B-1 C-2

If you scored:
Backstage Baby
If the very idea of being in the spotlight gives you the shivers, you might want to consider taking a backstage role. The people behind the scenes are just as important as the stars!


There’s No “I” in theatre.
You’ve got the confidence and the attitude to be a star. But seeing your name in lights is not as important to you as putting on a successful show with the rest of the cast-no matter how big or small your role is. Now that’s the kind of player we want on our stage.


Born to be a star!
You live for the spotlight and know just how to get what you need in order to succeed. But you’d better take a second look at the way you treat other people. You don’t want to hurt anyone on your way to the top!

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